RTW Retailwinds Acquisition LLC, Inc., which through its subsidiaries and affiliates owns and operates the New York and Company, Fashion to Figure, Lord & Taylor and Le Tote websites (the “Company”) is committed to the manufacture of products in a socially responsible manner. We not only set high standards for quality and value, but we also set forth a mandate for labor practices and a workplace code of conduct to which all suppliers must adhere. Our Code of Business Conduct contains a clear and consistent message that all partners in our supply chain be afforded the labor and human rights to which they are entitled.

Our Code of Business Conduct for associates and our supplier agreements also address our principles and values as they relate to labor and human rights. In keeping with the spirit of our compliance program, we require our suppliers to certify that the materials or minerals used to manufacture our products comply with all laws in the countries where they are manufactured or sourced.

We build strategic partnerships with our suppliers, and maintain accountability standards and procedures. We are committed to ensuring that the members of our supply chain comply with our Code of Business Conduct and address non-compliance accordingly.

We believe our dedication to social compliance represents our commitment and our obligation to our stakeholders, associates, suppliers and customers. Our goal - to ensure labor and human rights for all partners in our supply chain - is unwavering, and we will continue to develop processes and implement controls to help us achieve that goal with respect and integrity.