Cardmember Benefits:

  • ○ $10 reward when you spend $200 on your TRENDSETTER REWARDS Credit Card*
  • ○ $10 off birthday coupon**
  • ○ Shipping Perk - Periodic free economy shipping days online ***
  • ○ Participation in cardholder appreciation events including exclusive offers and access.

Account Terms and Conditions

You must read the disclosures presented in the Electronic Consent section of the Terms and Conditions box below prior to clicking "submit". Please also read the Credit Card Agreement, Privacy Statement and other information presented in the Terms and Conditions box prior to submitting this application and print a copy for your records.

By signing or otherwise submitting this application/solicitation, each applicant ("I," "me" or "my" below) agrees and certifies that (1) I have read and agree to the disclosures provided on or with this application/solicitation, (2) the information I have supplied is true and correct, (3) I am applying to Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273 Columbus, OH 43218-2273 ("Bank") for a TRENDSETTER REWARDS Credit Card Account, (4) I authorize the Bank to obtain credit reports on me, (5) if approved, my account will be governed by the Credit Card Agreement, (6) I understand that I may pay all of my account balance at any time without penalty and (7) this application/solicitation, any information I submitted to the Bank, and the Bank's final decision on my application/solicitation may be shared with and retained by Fashion To Figure.

Consent to Account Terms and Condition

Consent to Financial Terms of the Account