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    Plus Size natural Size 2 Lingerie

    It’s getting hot in here. Oh wait, that’s you! Shop beautiful natural Size 2 panties, bras, bodysuits, lingerie and robes, with our plus size lingerie collection from Fashion to Figure. Discover the ultimate combination of sexy and comfortable with our plus size collection that includes pajamas, bras, panties, bodysuits and lingerie sets to flatter every figure.

    Bras and Panties:Beauty starts from the inside out. Create the foundation for total confidence with all our plus size bras and panties. Explore everyday essentials that come in everything from silky satin to classic cotton, with our plus size bra and panties that offer the support you need, along with the style and attention to detail you want in intimate apparel.

    Lingerie: Discover all things pretty, with our plus size lingerie collection that includes body suits, lingerie and chemise sets. From lace and mesh, to polka dots, cage detailing and fishnets, our lingerie collection offers something for everyone. Browse bold jewel tones and soft pastels, or edgy cheetah and leopard prints. Sweet or sexy, you get to decide, with bodysuits and lingerie sets designed to make you feel beautiful, whether worn underneath your clothes or all on their own.

    Fashion to Figure intimates are designed to enhance every shapely silhouette. Created with beauty and support in mind, our lingerie collection is designed to help you feel beautifully and authentically you.