"Hi f2f! I discovered your website just by putting in cute plus size clothing in Google search. And I am so impressed with your clothing line! I wear a size 16 and I hate the clothes that retailers put into the stores for plus sized women. I always said why can't people just make plus sized clothes the same as regular sized clothes, just add more fabric. What's so hard about that? Lol anyway, I'm glad I found you. I couldn't buy anything off of your website for a long time because the clothes are a little expensive for me...But! I got an email for your 50% off clearance items and I bought 4 dresses that day! I was beyond ecstatic. I already have worn one dress for a Valentine's day event. Everyone loved it! I was emailing just to say thank you for not making a bunch of flowers and stripes and loosely fitted, plain Jane clothes. And I hope you have many more sales like that one so I can buy more dresses that I love off of your website. I have spread the word to my Facebook friends and they are excited as well! Thank you so much fashion to figure!"

18 February 2014: Constance from e-mail

"On Sunday, February 2, 2014, I visited to Waldorf, MD location about an hour prior to the close of business to select a few garments as a treat for my birthday. This was my first visit to the store, as I was told by a close friend to stop in an see the selection(s). I was greeted and treated by Chanelle and Amanda who made my selections and shopping experience easy and very relaxing. I wasn't sure what I wanted and was looking for but they both showed a high level of customer service. Both ladies made suggestions, helped me with various selections and accent pieces to compliment my items. Both ladies were extremely nice and friendly. I really enjoyed trying on different styles and looking over the entire store. I am pleased to say that I enjoyed my shopping experience and will return soon to purchase more items. I now have two wonderful fitting dresses and two skirts that I look forward to wearing as the season changes."

03 February 2014: Maliaka from e-mail

"Just as I was going to give up hope on plus size fashion, you guys came along. It's so hard to find clothing for curvy plus size women. Unfortunately your competitors caters to one shape or the designs are way too old fashion to wear anywhere. I would like to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing a curvy plus size woman like myself an opportunity to be stylish and sexy."

31 January 2014: Erika from e-mail

"I am writing you in regards to my experience I had with one of your employees. I meet Dominica in your palisades store in West Nyack NY last year, and she truly was a doll she was so helpful and made me feel beautiful in the skin I was in and really helped me get a great wardrobe. Her up beat personality and so willing to help me made me feel great. I was so disappointed when I found out she was no longer working in the palisades store. Long story short one day I was shopping in cross county and when I walked into that fashion to figure I saw her and was so happy because she makes my shopping experiences great. She even helped my husband as he went shopping for me and wanted to surprise me with new clothes and helped him from start to finish she is a great employee and you guys are lucky to have such a wonderful person with a great attitude helping the plus size community"

27 January 2014: Sylvia from e-mail

"Very cute clothes for us "big girls"! just wondering if you could lengthen some of your tops- preferably the peplum. Its the perfect top that skims over the lower belly perfectly!!!but not if its too short... Thanks so much, love the site!"

24 January 2014: Karynthia from e-mail

"Hello i just wanted to let you know about my experience I had in your Milford Mall Store today. This was my first visit to your store and I totally enjoyed myself. Tiffany, Kiki, Sarah and I am not sure of the other employees name made it a very very nice visit. They were very helpful and knowledgeable on your store clothing and sizes. You have made a customer out of me and would like to tell you the 4 employees are an asset to your company."

2 January 2014: Xina from e-mail

"I just wanted to say thank you for making nice, very stylist and fashionable clothes for plus size women!!! The first time I shopped online I spent over $300. It's been about a month since I learned about Fashion to Figure and I think I've spent about $1500-$2000 so far in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey store. I LOVE SHOPPING AT FASHION TO FIGURE!!! It's now the only place I shop for clothes. It's the best place ever!!! Please personally thank your designer for me!!!!!"

23 December 2013: Fran from e-mail

"I just had to write and tell you how fantastic I think the strapless sequined dress I purchased is! (Sequin and Ye Shall Find Strapless Dress). I wore it to a party last weekend and got tons of compliments for it. It's just gorgeous!!!"

13 November 2013: Gina from e-mail

"You guys are doing great. I usually go to the store in jersey garden mall in Elizabeth new jersey and I receive great service every time. Will be back again soon to get my body shaper!"

16 October 2013: Yecenia from e-mail

"I absolutely love all of your customer service associates however, William is by far the best. He has superb service and personally goes above and beyond to help me get everything I need. I love your fashions and shop weekly in one or more of the locations. I view your web site daily for the latest fashions. Thanks for a store that caters to my size with fashion that is current unlike Ashley Stewart and lane Bryant."

3 October 2013: Tashika from e-mail

"I recently purchased a dress from your site and I couldn't be happier.fits perfect.its well made.I love the lace.shipping was fast.for first purchase I'm very impressed.thank you so much."

16 September 2013: Malgorzata from e-mail

"I am a very happy customer order came the next day. And the dress that i ordered fit me well love it continue the Great Work for us Plus size ladies"

15 August 2013: Tiffany from e-mail

"Just want to say thank you for having so many diverse, beautiful models on your site. It really helps to see the clothes on real girls instead of mannequins or super skinny bodies. Your clothes rock and your customer service is the best. Thanks again!"

13 August 2013: Tricia from e-mail

"I recently visited your store in Maryland’s, Mondawmin Mall. It was a completely exhilarating experience! It is difficult to find stylish, trendy and quality plus-size clothing. Please considering opening a “FASHION TO FIGURE” store here in Illinois and its surrounding areas. Our pleasingly endowed women would thoroughly enjoy the shopping experience!"

08 August 2013: Rosalyn from e-mail

"I am a customer of fashion to figure my closest store is the cross county one in Yonkers ny. I would just love to say that I love everything I've bought, especially the stuff that was on sale, but I can't help but notice that ftf doesn't have a swimwear collection. I would love to see what you guys can do with a swimwear collection, something that is for my figure but doesn't make me feel like I'm a overweight old woman hiding every part of my body with those hideous bathing suits. Fashion to figure is a lifesaver on many occasions thank you!!"

18 July 2013: Grichell from e-mail

"I stopped in your store in Massapequa, NY on June 29th and had a wonderful experience. Not only is your clothing fabulous but the girls working in that store are absolutely incredible. I immediately started filling my arms with pieces to try on and before I knew it a staff member asked if she could start a fitting room for me. All of the girls were extremely helpful in finding me the styles I was interested in and were quick to give a positive but honest feedback when I tried things on. They would let me know which top out of two similar items looked best rather than try to tell me both. Your staff has wonderful bubbly personalities and are extremely helpful without being pushy. I was so comfortable shopping in your store and never felt like I was being judged for my size. I want to thank the girls for a excellent shopping experience. I'm pretty sure they knew I was happy that day seeing as I went to the checkout register twice. I hope this email finds somebody important because these girls need to be recognized for their hard work. I live almost an hour away from the store but I will definitely be returning. Thank you very much Massapequa Ladies!"

11 July 2013: Kathleen from e-mail

"My name is Rakeshia Wilson. I had came across your website and fell in love with what you have to choose for the younger bigger woman but saw that you don't have a store in the Milwaukee area. I work for Macy's and I personally think that Macy's should step it up and have some clothes for the younger plus size woman. I see a lot of plus size women on the daily basis and when they come in looking for something that is fun, sophisticated but not over the top, can't find it and leave the store so disappointed because the world doesn't accept the bigger woman. I know that feeling all too well. I think what you are doing for us is so relieving. Finally someone is seeing our frustration with finding clothes and is changing that for us and making the clothing more affordable for the average budget. I can't thank you enough and I hope your business booms. I will start buying my clothes from here."

10 July 2013: Rakeshia from e-mail

"Hello! My name is Christine and I am a new customer in your Massapequa store. I had the greatest experience while I was there and just wanted to say that Lexi is AMAZING! She greeted me as I entered the store and as soon as I had two dresses in my hand she took them from me and started a dressing room for me.. she was picking pieces for me while I was trying on, she helped me get into my squeem shaper and went above and beyond to ensure that I had a great experience. I even went back to the fitting room to give her a hug after paying for my items. Just wanted to let someone know that she should DEFINITELY be recognized for her amazing efforts!"

13 June 2013: Christine from e-mail

"I didn't see a survey or a comment area on the site so I wanted to write a quick e-mail about my experience with the staff and store. I recently found your store today at store in Mall Circle Drive Waldorf MD, 20603. I had such an amazing experience and was floored but the prices and choices of fashion options for a lady my size. The staff particularly made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I ended up spending more money b/c the lady who helped me did her job perfectly! (Which is bad for me money wise but great for me fashion wise and of course great for you all!) I did not feel like I was being bothered, smothered or harassed. I really enjoyed my experience. I with the ladies name who helped me was on my receipt so I could point her out because I can't remember how to spell it. I believe is was along the lines of Lea. She was amazing and I hope somehow this can get back to her to let her know even if I was the only customer to feel this way, which I know I was not since another lady and myself were talking and enjoying ourselves with the staff but if I was you made a customer who is going to come back and hopefully keep coming back. Which is the goal you want repeat costumers who, which I am going to do, tell all my friends and bring them in. This staff did not care about my color, size or position in society just what they could do for me in regards to anything in the store, sizes, and making me feel good about myself. So thank you store in Waldorf MD, you deserve to know you are making a difference! I know you must get complaints more than thanks so again THANK YOU!"

19 May 2013: Jamie from e-mail

"Fashion to Figure is hands down thee best!!! I received my dress, which fits great, in just 2 days using basic shipping. Gotta love great companies that provide great customer service. I'll definitely will be ordering again. Wish I could submit a review as well, but this will do. Keep up the good work FTF!"

17 May 2013: Ms. McCoy from e-mail

"My name is diana and I live in central NJ. I discovered your store about 2 months ago and have been absolutely in love with every piece I've purchased. It's great quality and very fashionable!!!! I've included a picture of myself wearing one of your best sellers in a recent trip to California. Hope you like it as much I love your clothes. :)"

3 May 2013: Diana from e-mail

"I like to say Melissa is excellent person, manager and a great asset to your company. 2 years ago i celebrated my 50th birthday. and brought 4 dresses. Melissa perhaps was a sales associate and she help me to pick out some fabulous dresses. 04/06 i bought a blouse that fell apart and Melissa had return the item which was purchase the previous day. What made Melissa outstanding was that she remember it was my birthday month. yesterday i returned the blouse and it was my birthday.04/07 Thank you Melissa you made my day!"

8 April 2013: Linda from e-mail

I just wanted to write to say how in love with FTF I am. I was first introduced to the store when it was featured on an episode of Glam Fairy...I've ordered only about 4-5 times (def will be ordering more) but I have ALWAYS been satisfied with my purchases. The delivery is quick, the clothes fit perfect and are very stylish! Looking forward to receiving my latest purchase! Can't wait to rock those "Patch Things Up Faux-Leather Leggings"...just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

5 April 2013: Kehimisha from e-mail

"On 2/23, I visited the Cherry Hill Fit to Fashion store, my first time in a Fit to Fashion store. I was pleasantly surprised with the merchandise and the staff. Your staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. They made me feel as if I was the only customer in the store...and that definitely wasn't the case. I'd like to call out Vanessa, Amy Nicole and Janay specifically. I hope this message reaches their manager and will then be forwarded along to them."

14 March 2013: Nicole from e-mail

"Cherry Hill Mall-nj Today was my first time in your store and will defintely not be my last!! Your merchandise is great but your staff is wonderful. The asst. store manager (Michelle?) was awesome helping me from start to finish selecting the perfect outfit. I have already told 2 of my closest friends to check this store out. Thank you!!!"

27 February 2013: Melissa from Facebook

"I love love love your store, and I'm there fairly often. During my last two visits, one of your employees, Hallie, was the most lovely and helpful person. I truly felt like I had my own personal shopper. At only nineteen years old (we got to talking a lot!) she is a great part of your business. She has encouraged my friend and I to email you guys, open up conversation, give you our ideas… I think that is such a great business plan, in addition to having your employees sell your company like that! Thanks for being so awesome at everything you do!"

18 January 2013: Myllicent from e-mail

"I felt it was important to take the time to give “kudos” to one of your employees that works in the Fashion to Figure Jersey Gardens Store. For the past 4 years, I’ve shopped at Fashion to Figure and my most memorable and BEST moments were because of your Fashion Specialist-Rasheeda. I shop at least once a month and I always look for her when I walk in the store. She is truly my fashion consultant and has sold me hundreds of dollars in merchandise. She has dressed me for formal events, parties, work, etc and always knows how to put outfits together that compliment my body. I trust her suggestions and she takes the time to develop connections with her customers and build a rapport. She is what I would refer to as an All-Star employee!"

3 January 2013: Mari from e-mail

"I am writing because of the experience I had today at the Fashion to Figure in the Sunrise Mall. I was shopping this morning and upon my arrival I was greeted by two very friendly associates. In the fitting room, Jessica was very helpful and let me know that she would be of any assistance I needed. When I went to make my purchases Jessica greeted me by name again and had a very friendly conversation with me. At the end of my purchase she walked around the counter to give me my bag. I was incredibly impressed by the service at this store and loved the environment. I felt very comfortable and welcomed and the customer service exceeds all of my expectations. I will most certainly be making this Fashion to Figure one of my regular shopping destinations after this experience. Thank you!"

3 January 2013: Lauren from e-mail

"My experience with this website has been completely positive! The clothing is priced beautifully and fit well. Plus size women need this type of confidence. I also have a wonderful customer service experience with Jessica over at the store in Massapequa, NY. She is always helpful, nice, courteous and willing to go the extra mile for me. I love working with her. Thanks again for this great idea with wonderful designers."

2 January 2013: Tanisha from e-mail

"Love your fashions! Order online but wish y'all were in North Carolina!"

1 January 2013: Cassie on Facebook

"The service I got today at your Green Acres Mall location was absolutely great, thanks again and happy holidays."

27 December 2012: Big Beautiful Black Girls on Facebook

"You have a wonderful selection of clothes that I am excited to share with my friends and family..."

18 December 2012: Erik on Facebook

"I have absolutely NO complaints about your store. The clothes are AMAZING, the prices are more than fair, and the people that work there (at the Palisades location, anyways) are more than helpful and friendly....they make it so you feel like you are shopping with good friends. I do have one complaint, however. And that is....why are there not more of these stores around the states??? The farthest one north is apparently the palisades...which is 6 hours from me! And yes....I make the 6 hour drive from Buffalo to the Palisades for one store… your store. Now THAT'S customer loyalty. I'll be back there in January....looking forward to it!"

18 December 2012: Samantha from e-mail

"On Tuesday December 11th I had walked into the Fashion to Figure store in the Westfield Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, NY. This was the first time I have been in the store and was taken back by the selection and how in tune the clothes you had to offer women of my size.I had selected a dress to try on as well as a blazer and shirt ( that I saw on the manikins) to try on. There was a girl called Alexia who helped me through out the whole process and was extremely helpful and extremely nice that it made my experience very happy. I always hate to go shopping as I find most stores for my size very frumpy and the staff not that helpful. The girls that you have here were great and I felt so comfortable. I ended up purchasing the blazer and the shirt as it looked great and the lady that helped me at the register was just as nice and helpful as Alexia. Her name was Jessica and she also signed me up for the card your store offers. I just wanted to make sure that these two women were acknowledged for their superb customer care as I have never had a more wonderful experience and will defiantly be a return customer to that location and will be telling all my friends and family about this store."

14 December 2012: Rosemary from e-mail

"I just came from the Massapequa mall location and the girls are super nice and extremely helpful. Great clothes!!"

11 December 2012: Rosemary on Facebook

"Saturday, December 2, 2012 was the first time I was ever in the store and it most certainly will not be my last. I would like to let you know that I had a wonderful experience on my mini shopping spree and thanks to your stylist Khalida I was treated so special that I felt very comfortable spending every dollar of my purchased garments. Sometimes you go into a fashion store and spend because you need or just have to have something and you may have to ignore the fact that the service is not up to the standard you would like. That truly was not the case here. When I came into your establishment the first person to greet me was Khalida and she took my overloaded cart and bags and put them safely behind the counter so I could freely shop. This was a number one big plus. Then she made herself available to assist me pick out the clothes that fit my fancy. Next she set me up a section on the rack as I tried on my chosen outfits. As I asked her for her opinion she was so professional as she straightened and fussed over details that completed the correct fit of the item I was trying on. Finally she gave an honest response to how particular articles looked and if it really looked good on me. Mind you she never made feel that anything looked BAD but first she asked how did I like it and how did I feel in it. All of her actions were important in, not only making me feel as since of trust, but helped me finalize my purchase knowing I had clothing I would still be happy with once I got home… this young lady made me feel like a million dollars. OK. A Billion Dollars. I may not have Khalida as my stylist the next time I visit but if all of your employees are as kind, patient and attentive as her then Your business should only stay and grow stronger and steadfast always."

5 December 2012: Ms. Williams from e-mail

"I attended the fashion to figure store located in the Mondawmin mall in Baltimore, MD 21215. I shop here quite often maybe once a week. Every time I attend to shop, store associates Tamika and Ebony are always willing, eager, and very understanding when I come into the store. They greet you with a smile and I love the customer service that is given especially the help they give you to help you find your size, trying on clothes and everything. They are awesome and I love the clothing. Please keep up the good work."

25 October 2012: Hillarie from e-mail

"I moved to this area 3 years ago from Brooklyn. Since I moved to Orange County I have never been able to find a trendy plus size clothing store like the many in the NYC. I was very impressed with the store as well as the staff you had when I shopped there on Sunday October 19, 2009. I would like to tell you that if you were to open a store in either Poughkeepsie or Middletown New York you would make a killing. I have been in sales my whole life and there is a great need for a store like this in these areas. Good luck and much success and I will continue to drive down to Nyak to visit your store even if it is an hour away it's worth the trip."

20 May 2011 from: Bernadette

FTF Rocks! Best Store ever for plus size women.

7 Jun 2011 from: Adrienne

"I just stumbled on your Jersey Garden store and was so excited at the array of the awesome and trendy collection for us plus sized women.I bought one of every item on display. You guys made my day!"

27 Mar 2011 from: Oluwatoyin

"I was in you Green Acres Mall store on Sunday. Natalya helped me. Just wanted to say she was wonderful!!! Knew the merchandise, what would fit my body type and was just very nice. We all hear so many complaints, it's important to me to pass it along when someone in doing a great job."

27 Oct 2010 from: Linda

"I would just like to give somto e recognition to the staff at the Jersey Gardens, Elizabeth NJ store. They have made FTF my first stop for clothes permanenetly. Each and every employee is helpful, always smiling, and willing to give you whatever you need. The store is always clean and organized and I couldnt ask for a better shopping experience. Thanks to them, I will be an FTF customer for life."

23 Sep 20101 from: Nicole

"I was recently at your store in Elizzabeth New Jersey i went to buy some clothes that im going to be takeing to puerto rico in a month i almost go every week and i love entering your store.its always well kept and the customer service is spectacular.i always get helped by the same girl her name is jeannette.everytime i go there shes there either talking up a customer or a child and if not shes danceing to the beat of her own drum .ii ended up buying a squeem for myself and for two other family members and well not for nothing i look to good for my own good or so says my husband lol...i look forward to going into the store its extremely exciteing going into the store never no whats to expect .i love your clothes although i do wish certain things would be true to size but wether its 1 or 10 items i purchase i enjoy it cause i know im makeing a good buy.well thanks so mush for complimenting the big boneded and bold females thanks a whole bunch"

23 July 2010 from: Esther

"We NEED this store in Las Vegas! any chances of opening up one here? it would be great @ town square las vegas. i saw a friend of mine from new york (rockland county) wearing one of your out fits and i loved it. when i asked her where she got it from, she said, "fashion to figure". i quickly hopped on the internet and found your website hoping to do some online shopping. i cant wait until you add that feature!"

20 May 2010 from: Natalie

"I visited your store in Livingston Mall and I was sooo impressed with all your fashions, but most important, your staff members. They were sooo helpful and friendly. I will definitely shop there again and will absolutely recommend your store to all my friends! Thank you!!!"

13 May 2010 from: Maribel

"Hello FTF! My name is Antoinette Miles and I wanted to share with you a story about my enjoyable shopping experience at Fashion to Figure at your Livingston Mall location. I was walking in the mall with my college friends and I just happened to see the beautifully colored and brightly lit FTF store. At first I passed the store, embarrassed that I had to shop in a plus size store. Shopping is such a sensitive topic for me. As a plus size teenage girl, I can't go shopping with my friends; as their favorite retail stores don't offer my size. When I do encounter a store that offers my size I either find grandma clothes or clothes that don't fit my figure. Fed up with unsatisfactory shopping experiences, I walked into the FTF store. I immediately felt reassured that I was in a place where I can purchase stylish clothes in MY size. As I looked through the wracks of clothing, I found that every item was beautifully made, stylish and most of all inexpensive. Stores like Macy's and Torrid often drain my pockets dry when I shop. I never imaged getting a beautiful dress for 20 bucks and a blouse for 14 bucks! In this economy saving money is a must. Stores like Ashley Stewart & Lane Bryant have lovely clothes, but cater to an older generation of full figured women. I can never walk into those stores without feeling somewhat out of place. I just want to thank FTF for remembering women like me- young full figured women- who want to look just as stylish AND EVEN BETTER than her teen friends. Thank you and I look forward to shopping at FTF again! I even told my grandmother (who lives in Queens, NY) about your Green Acres Mall location! Thank you FTF, from the bottom of my heart."

5 May 2010 from: Antoinette