Meet Tami and Tyra, the fashionable mother-daughter duo that proves fierce style runs in the family. As a lifestyle blogger, on-air talent and mother of two, Tami truly does it all and never misses the chance to make a fashion statement. Her daughter Tyra, is an up-and-coming makeup guru and recent high school grad. She has big dreams for her future - including beauty school and a savvy style that rivals her mom s.   FTF: How would you each describe your personal style? Tami:My style is fun and flirty, sexy. I'm not afraid to try new things, looks, colors, styles. Tyra:Girly, fun, trendy, whimsy, creative, authentic. Lots of people like my style and how I put looks together when they never thought to. Tami: We are from two different eras, so what she likes, I don't necessarily like but I always say we wore that in my hey day lol. Who takes the longest to get ready? Tami: Tyra takes the longest to get ready lol. I'm ready with full hair n makeup and outfit in about 30 minutes. Its called planning ahead lol. Do you have a personal Fashion Rule ? Tami: Hemlines for my age really matter for me. Tyra: Wearing good undergarments.   Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? Who s style you admire? Tami: I love and admire Betsey Johnson because she is fun, Solange Knowles for her bold prints, Rihanna because she is edgy. Tyra: I like fashion blogger Gabi Fresh style & Bree Westbrooks from instagram. I like Nicki Minaj too. Tyra, what are some of the perks of having your Mom be a successful blogger? Tyra: The free goodies and hand me downs ofcourse lol. We also get to go to some fun events, travel and meet cool people and celebrities. Have you any plans to start your own blog? Tyra: I think I would prefer to do a video channel about hair, fashion, makeup and lifestyle.   Tami what advice would you give Tyra, on entering the blogging/vlogging sphere? What is the secret to blogging success? Tami: I would tell Tyra to be consistent and personable to her followers. Always keep up on the latest trends and technology, apps etc. Tyra, you are planning on going to beauty school in the fall, what is your best beauty secret ? Tyra: Always clean your face at night, lots of moisturizer.   What does the statement Fashion is a state of mind not a size range mean to each of you? Tami: I think it s all about confidence and loving who you are. Tyra: Size does not matter, where what you want!