There is a lot to love about having the perfect manicure, but shiny flawless nails are no easy feat! If you are anything like us here at FTF, you know that at home manicures can be the stuff of nightmares. We know all too well how easy it is for your perfect mani-pedi to become a smudgy mess! If you've haven t had the best luck with DIY manicures in the past, don't despair. We've have a step-by-step guide just for you plus 10 life changing nail hacks! You re hands will be beautiful in no time!  

  • Prolong your manicure by soaking your nails in cold water and vinegar beforehand. Vinegar will strip the nails of any oils left over from polish remover. It s science!
  • For smoother nails, put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes. Trust us on this one!
  • To revive old bottles add a few drops of clear nail polish and mix it together. This will thin out the old polish without ruining it. As good as new!
  • To avoid smudges apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat. Genius!
  • Don t shake your polish bottle; roll it between your palms instead. This will prevent the polish from bubbling!
  • Line your nails with petroleum jelly before painting them for an easy cleanup!
  • Matte nail polish has to be the biggest nail trend of the moment. To achieve this look on a budget add cornstarch to your topcoat and apply as normal. For the true DIYers out there, create your own custom matte polish by mixing your favorite eye shadow with clear polish. Amazing right?!
  • For whiter nails, add whitening toothpaste to your nailbrush and scrub away. Lemon also works wonders too!
  • Always use a topcoat. It is your best friend and it is just what you need to add a professional polish to your manicure.
  • Dunk your nails into ice-cold water. This will freeze-dries the polish, sealing and hardening it quickly. If you are not a fan of cold water simply spray some cooking oil on your nails to help them dry faster.

  What is your favorite nail hack? Share you secrets in the comments below!  


Thank you to Jhun Capaya & Himanshu Agrawal from The Noun Project