About Fashion To FIgure

About Us

Fashion to Figure is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer of trendy clothing, jewelry, and accessories at terrific prices, in sizes 12 – 26. Founded with the mission to make people’s lives better through the ultimate full-fashion experience, FTF is the go-to destination for up-to-the-minute trends, runway looks, and personalized styling. FTF was founded by the two great-grandsons of Lena Bryant, the visionary dressmaker who created the special-size fashion market in the late 1800s.

About Fashion To FIgure

The FTF Family

Our community of Stylists and Team Members comprise the FTF Family, a vibrant and diverse community whose number one mission is to offer clients an unforgettable experience. Specially trained to know our inventory inside-and-out, Stylists expertly match our guests’ body types with each style, bringing “fashion to the figure” (as Gram used to say) in a manner that leaves guests feeling confident, chic, and on anyone’s best-dressed list.

From birthday shout outs to Saturday “theme days,” a sense of camaraderie and team spirit abound amongst the FTF Family. We are so proud to mention that most of our Family Members have been a part of the company for one or more years, and that our store directors and corporate team are often promoted from within.

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About Fashion To FIgure

Our Philosophy

We believe fashion is a state of mind, not a size range. As Gram famously said, “You should never ask women to conform their figures to fashion, but rather bring fashion to the figure.” Our clothes and accessories do just that, offering cutting edge looks that celebrate fashion, and never try to hide shape. Merchandise is offered at great price points and is updated daily, so guests always find the latest styles and up-to-the-minute trends.

Online and in-stores, we want to make clients’ shopping experiences memorable. Whether working with an FTF Stylist inside the dressing room or online through a virtual chat, our goal is to find the perfect look for your special event, date night, or casual weekend, in a style that makes you feel sexy and confident.

In our minds, fashion isn’t just clothes on a rack, or fashion spreads in magazines, or chasing a look that’s divorced from yourself. Fashion is personal and experiential. Fashion is playful risk-taking. Fashion is getting to know yourself through getting to know what you love.

FTF is committed to staying green, using natural cleaning products and recycling waste when possible. Our bags are made of 73% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. We also work closely with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, donating 10 percent of every new store opening’s proceeds year-round, and spearheading a charity drive each April. Every October, we sell bracelets and collect donations to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

About Fashion To FIgure

Our Beginning

Co-founder Michael Kaplan and his brother Nick Kaplan started the company in 2004, continuing the legacy of their great-grandmother Lena Bryant, who invented full-figured fashion over 100 years ago. Together, they started from the ground up, opening a single store location in West Nyack, New York. They worked “open to close,” running the stand-alone location themselves and learned, first-hand, the dedication and hard work required for FTF to thrive and serve guests successfully.

Today, there are 24 store locations (and counting), alongside an online store, through which FTF reaches its fashion-loving overseas clients.

Working with FTF

Fashion Bloggers

We love fashion bloggers! These stylish movers and shakers help shape, articulate, and cultivate the style sense of our growing FTF community. So much of fashion relies on personal expression and a sense of identity, and fashion bloggers are a driving force behind that communal engine. FTF features bloggers on our Facebook page, lifestyle blog, and online store. Click here to get in touch if you’re interested on being featured on FTF’s site or highlighting FTF merchandise on your site.

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Press and Public Relations

Fashion to Figure’s growth from a single location to a thriving presence along the mid-Atlantic region as well as our philosophy of inclusion and trendy take on plus-fashion has garnered the attention of Women’s Wear Daily, ABC News, Seventeen Magazine, LuckyMag.com and more.

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